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1,500 PPI Claims Everyday in First 6 Months of 2012

Mis-sold PPI on Your Credit Card?

Mis-sold PPI on Your Credit Card?

According to the Guardian newspaper, customers made about 1,500 payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints every single day to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in the first six months of 2012 because banks and building societies continue to reject claims for compensation for mis-selling PPI.

About Mis-sold PPI

PPI was sold by lenders to their customers who bought a credit card, mortgage, personal loans and other consumer credits. It was designed to protect your payments if you were unable to work due to things like illness or redundancy. All policies have exclusions, some are very strict or very difficult to claim on, so in 2011 the High Court ruled that the lenders had to repay any mis-sold PPI.

The “BIG 5” high street banks have already set aside £10 BILLION and are increasing the amounts regularly. You could be owed £1,000’S in compensation. You may not even know that you had PPI in the first place.

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Many banks appear to be rejecting PPI refund claims when they should actually be paying out! If you have already tried to reclaim your PPI and been rejected by the bank, register now and we will pursue you claim further. The lenders are turning down many claims initially because you may not have actually made a factual and/or legal complaint stating what regulations they may have breached for example. At we can pursue you claim further as we are experts in this area and know the financial regulations inside out. We offer a NO WIN NO FEE service to reclaim you PPI.

Home Mortgages Were Your Mis-sold PPIAll you need to do is register your details online and we will take it from here.

You may have had various types of cover including: Single Premium PPI, Regular Premium PPI, Loan PPI, Mortgage PPI or Credit Card PPI. The cost can range from pennies every month to over £100 each month for each account. If you are owed a PPI Refund for you Loan, Credit Card or Mortgage you could be owed from a few pounds to £10,000’s.


We offer a NO WIN NO FEE PPI REFUND service, so you have nothing to lose. If your claim is successful, our fee is 15% (12.5% +VAT). That means if you get £100, we only get £15 and you keep £85. If you get £1,000, you keep £850 – enough for a holiday – and you pay us £150.