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Car Finance Mis-sold PPI Claim, Refund and Compensation

Mis-Sold Car Finance PPI?Millions of car owners have bought their car using car finance provided by the showroom. Many of those car finance agreements also included PPI, which may have been mis-sold.

Do you think it would be best to get advice on a car finance payment protection insurance policy from a car salesman who works for high commission and whose expertise is in cars and not insurance?

No. Neither do we.

Mis-sold Car Finance PPI?

Car finance companies have already set aside millions of pounds to compensate customers who were mis-sold car finance PPI. If you have ever had Car Finance which had a PPI policy, no matter how old it is, you could be owed £1,000’s in compensation for your mis-sold Car Finance PPI Policy. You may not even know you had it! Most of the salesmen who sold you the car finance PPI policy would have told you “Your brand new shiny car is only £185 per month”. They probably didn’t tell you that it also included PPI, which you didn’t have to buy.

Buy a New Car!

In many cases mis-sold Car Finance policy refunds can be £1,000’s as many customers had a Car Finance PPI Policy for a number of years, every time you buy a new car, charging a few pounds every month, PLUS interest. This adds up to an astonishing amount of Arnold Clark Car Finance PPI, which is why if you have a successful claim you could be owed £1,000’s, which you could use to buy your next car!



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