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Choose PPI Claims Scotland To Reclaim Your Mis-sold PPI

Reclaim PPI Can Be Confusing

Reclaiming PPI on your own can be confusing

We want you to choose PPI Claims Scotland to reclaim your mis-sold PPI.

We also want you to be aware of what your options are when considering how to pursue a claim for compensation for mis-sold PPI.

One of the questions we are asked most often is:

Do I Need To Use PPI Claims Scotland To reclaim mis-sold PPI?

The answer is:

No – you do not need to use PPI Claims Scotland to reclaim your mis-sold Loan, Mortgage or Credit Card PPI. You can do it yourself. Below we have listed pro’s and con’s for you to consider whether to use PPI Claims Scotland or to opt to do it yourself.

Claims Management Companies = Bad Press

Claims management companies have received some bad press for a number of reasons recently:

1 – Some claims management companies main sales tactic is cold calling and cold texting.

2 – Some claims management companies and solicitors that charge an upfront fee before they will consider pursuing a claim. Some claims management companies charge excessive fees. The average is 25% +VAT, one claims management company started pursuing claims for 51% +VAT.

Why Choose PPI Claims Scotland

PPI Claims ScotlandAt PPI Claims Scotland we do not do ANY cold calling or cold texting. Most of our customers are either from a web search and word of mouth from our satisfied clients.

At PPI Claims Scotland we offer a NO WIN NO FEE mis-sold PPI claim service. We do not charge upfront fees. If your claim is not successful then we you do not pay us a penny. If your claim is successful we charge 12.5% plus VAT, at the moment that means you would pay us a total of 15%.


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