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Every day we get asked “How much will I get back for my PPI claim?”. The amount you will receive depends on a number of factors including how much PPI you actually paid and how long you paid for PPI premiums. The only way to know for sure how much you can reclaim start your claim now!


The average payout for a successful PPI claim is around £2,000 per policy, you will normally be sold one policy with each loan and credit card you have ever been sold. So if you had 5 loans that had PPI attached to it you could expect around £10,000. Most people have a number of policies, one of our clients had 19 loans with Lloyds and we secured a PPI refund for each loan.


On of our clients who never even knew he paid any PPI had 5 loans and 1 credit card with Clydesdale Bank and we managed to help him get back over £46,000! One lady managed to get a payout of nearly £65,000 from her 2 MBNA credit cards. Another gentleman got a payout of over £82,000 on his two Barclaycard credit cards. yet another lady received over £142,000 PPI refund for 2 credit cards she had.


One of our clients made a claim to Halifax on her own and received a payout of over £500. She came to us as she believed she had paid more than that in premiums. We look at her case and after we completed our review of her policies we have now reclaimed nearly £20,000 for her!


We have recently reclaimed over £800,000 for our clients, some individual claims include:


£46,000+ from Clydesdale Bank;

£13,597.03 from Citi Financial;

£19,990.57 & £9,818.48 from HBOS;

£4,600.45 from Lloyds; and

£1,406.62 & £1,802.08 from RBS.


We look forward to reclaiming any refund which will be due to you upon completion of our investigations. Don’t miss your chance START YOUR CLAIM NOW!




This means that you may now be eligible to reclaim any PPI payments you have made. PPI can be very complicated and it can be difficult to get compensation on your own.


PPI Claims Scotland can help you reclaim what is rightfully yours, with interest. If you’ve read the above and feel that you may have been the victim of a PPI mis-sale, then we can remove the hassle of dealing directly with the people who sold you PPI.


Remember the PPI deadline is June 2019 so get started now or you may miss your chance.


How to get started


To start your claim on a No Win No Fee* basis use our form to get started NOW or call us on 0333 577 1107.


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