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FREE GUIDE – How to Claim PPI on Your Own

Welcome to our free guide on how to reclaim your mis-sold PPI, on your own, for free…well, you will need to buy an envelope and a stamp, apart from that, FREE!


I am Jonathan Lockhart and I started PPI Claims Scotland, part of Caledonia Claims Ltd because having worked for a number of banks I knew that this was going to affect so many people. A Deadline has been set for 29 August 2019, I want to make sure that everyone who has ever considered making a claim knows what they need to do and how to do it.


If you would also like a copy of the guide and any other free guides that we publish all need to do is submit your e-mail address and I will send you the completely free guide on how to reclaim your mis-sold PPI.

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Remember this is a completely free guide, from someone who has worked for 7 different banks and owns a PPI claim company, you won’t get another opportunity like this.

Please share this page with as many people as you can so they don’t miss out. If you or your friends and family miss the PPI deadline, you will never be able to make a claim.

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That’s right, you can claim any mis-sold PPI, on your own, for free, without having to pay us or any other claims management company, or solicitor, or taking the time of the extremely busy staff at the Citizens Advice Bureau. If you want to make a claim on your own without using a company like ourselves,

I want to make sure you know how to do it and have the best chance of winning your claim.

There are a number of free template letters available online, all are very basic and don’t actually have that good of a success rate. I know, I have worked on behalf of 7 banks and used to reject these letters every single day.

If you have thought about making a PPI claim and don’t know what to do, read this free guide and you should have enough information to get started. Tell all of your friends and get them to ask us for a free copy too.

I have tried to keep it as short as possible whilst giving you the most relevant information to help you. I could write a 400 page textbook with everything that you will ever need to know, but we both know you would never read that.

Whether you decide to make a claim on your own for free, or whether you choose PPI Claims Scotland or any other company to do it for you, MAKE SURE YOU START YOUR CLAIM NOW!

If you would prefer to use our professional, expert, dedicated and successful services on a no-win no-fee basis simply fill out our form or call us now on 0333 5771107. If you miss the PPI Deadline you could be potentially losing out on £thousands in compensation that you will never ever be able to claim.  The Bank’s will get to keep the money that has been set aside, and you will get £0.00!


I can’t stress enough that if you do not make a complaint to reclaim your mis-sold PPI, you will get £0.00.

Almost every single client I have dealt with asks me “How much PPI am I entitled to?”. My response is the same every time: “If your Bank didn’t send you a cheque in 2010, then you are actually entitled to nothing!” This doesn’t mean that you will not get a refund of your PPI premiums and compensation, it just means that you have to complain to your bank and get them to agree to pay you back with interest.

So here we go.


Write down a list of any company that sold you a PPI policy. It could have been sold to you on its own, as part of a loan, mortgage, credit card, store card, car finance, catalogue account or almost any other type of finance that you took out before 2012.

Some people think that there is a list of everyone who ever paid PPI and who the paid it to and how much they paid. I WISH! It would make my life so much easier, but their isn’t. There are currently over 3,800 registered banks in the UK. Not branches, BANKS! So no, we can’t just write to them all to ask.

If you can’t remember them all don’t worry too much. You can check your credit report. This will normally show any accounts that you currently have open today and any that were closed up to 6 or 7 years ago, depending on which agency you use. If you think “it was maybe this bank or the other bank”, just write to them both, go into the branch (if it hasn’t been closed down yet) or phone them and ask.

Having paperwork and account numbers can make a difference between getting money or not in some cases and depending on the lender. If you could have old statements or applications in a shoebox at the back of the cupboard then take 10 minutes to have a look. If you don’t have any documents then any claim will be totally dependent on the information that the banks “says” that it still holds. A bank saying that they don’t have the paperwork isn’t always true.

Clydesdale Bank got a massive fine for telling customers that they had no record of them when the PPI Complaints Handlers were actually looking at the paperwork and throwing it in the bin if the customer said they never had it.

I know for a fact that this happened because it used to drive me mad when I had to do it whilst on a PPI project for that Bank. Of course I told every person that the bank “didn’t” have the paperwork, but if they did a £10 Data Subject Access Request and waited 40 days that in some, mostly every single, case the bank would find the paperwork.

Unfortunately, so many people didn’t want to pay £10 and ended up losing out on £thousands in compensation. It is already out in the public domain that you were doing this, that is why you got fined for it. It has already been in every major newspaper and can be verified by others who have worked there and now fight against you to get money back for people. “Hi Mike”. Even after no less than a dozen people told the bank that it couldn’t do what it was doing and it would get caught by the FCA eventually. Which it did, roughly a year after I was “asked” to leave and after someone else told the press about it.

Of course, Clydesdale Bank are not the only bank to get found out, RBS were doing it previously, Lloyds TSB / HBOS were doing it, Blackhorse STILL do it.  I do have to admit that in most cases the banks are making it easier to deal with Claims Management Companies like, PPI Claims Scotland, because just about anyone who runs one of the firms has worked for at least one of the banks. I have worked for 7 of them.

We KNOW that the banks and lenders tell their customers anything to avoid paying out. Things like “we don’t have your signature on record because the copy we took is so poor so we aren’t considering your complaint because anyone could know all of the specific information that you have given us so we can’t be sure it is actually you. This is for your safety and we will raise a concern with our fraud team and the police, because it is for your safety. Oh no, wait a minute we won’t, it is just because we can’t be bothered picking the phone up to ask you a few questions and we really don’t want to pay your money back”.

Sorry, I went on a bit of a rant there. Step 1 is: get a list of any of your lenders and look out the paperwork if you have it.


This is so important and where most people get turned down when they go to their bank directly on their own. I have seen it hundreds of times and in one instance a gentleman contacted us to look at his case because he went to the bank directly and used a few of the complaints outlined below and the rejected his claims. I have personally won hundreds of cases with other people in the same situation, the same bank and the same credit card. Because he didn’t know how to complain and waited 2 years to contact us to challenge the banks decision he missed out over £119,000 compensation. He is now bankrupt because he couldn’t pay his debts which have been gradually increasing over the past 30 years, and partly because of the amount of PPI that the bank lumped onto his credit card (over £90 most months plus interest on a single credit card!).

This is a real case and extremely unfortunate. Claims Management Companies, and me personally, have been called ambulance chasers and vultures and vampires and leaches – mostly because people don’t actually know what we do. But if the gentleman that I have just outlined had contacted PPI Claims Scotland first he would have been able to repay every single penny of debt, including the last few years on his mortgage, pay our fee, keep his business open and still have over £20,000 to himself!

Here is a short list of a few complaints people raise to their bank about PPI, and a typical response from the bank. You might think that these are exaggerated, but I have personally worked over 5,000 individual cases and have seen the same responses over and over and over and over again. These are generic responses that we see the bank trying to get away with in almost every single PPI complaint.

If you are going to use one or more of these same complaint points, that is perfectly fine. In almost every case you will need a bit more to actually win your case. Remember if the bank reject your complaint there is further action you can take.

Customer: “Can I have a refund of my PPI premiums”

Bank: “No, refer your complaint to the ombudsman if you don’t agree with us. You need to do this within 6 months, there are 2 additional forms to fill in and could take up to 2 years to get a decision. So you probably won’t bother because we make it sound really complicated.”


Customer: “I was self employed so shouldn’t have had it”

Bank: “LOL! WRONG! Everyone thinks they can asks us because they seen on the TV that if you were self employed you shouldn’t have had PPI. You were still eligible for the policy even though you were self employed. We would have told you that you couldn’t claim for redundancy and that you would need to provide a truck load of paperwork to make a successful claim on the policy and need to liquidate you business.”

Customer: “I didn’t know I had it”

Bank: “Yes you did. If you didn’t know you had it what are you looking for a refund from if you don’t have it? We sent you a statement every month on your credit card and an annual loan and mortgage statement so how could you not know you had it?”

Customer: “You forced me to take the PPI ,or, You told me I had to take it or I wouldn’t get the loan / credit card / mortgage / store card…..”

Bank: “Well anyone who has ever sold PPI or has ever been sold PPI knows that we were making £2Billion profit per month from lying to you and forcing you to take this PPI. But see because you never recorded us telling you that you had to take the policy and we wouldn’t let you out of the branch until you took it, then tough. We will just tell the Ombudsman that we never forced anyone and never told anyone they had to take PPI. EVER. And they will believe us because we pay them.”


Customer: “You never gave me an option whether I wanted to take a policy or not.”

Bank: “Yes we did. Look. Right in the middle of page 28 of 36 of your terms and conditions booklet that we might have given you. Right there, that tiny sentence in the middle of that really long paragraph we know you were never going to read it clearly says “by signing this agreement I confirm I wish to purchase this optional insurance”  . How can you not see that?”


Customer: “You never told me how much it would cost me, that I had to pay interest on it and it was putting me more into debt”

Bank: “That sounds like a you problem that you never read all the stuff we gave you. You asked us for a loan and that you could pay £300 a month. So we sold you everything we could under that budget and just made your loan longer.  But you should have read the paperwork and came back to us within the 28 day cooling off period that we probably never told you about. Well you know next time you should read everything.”

Customer: “I had a long term illness which you never told me would affect my ability to claim”

Bank: “Well, what did you think? Because you had high blood pressure or a heart condition or cancer or some other serious long term illness that we would pay you because you might have to take a few months off work? It’s not our fault that you were ill so maybe you should think about that the next time you are seriously ill. Plus it says right there clearly in the exclusions and limitations that “If you are unable to work due to an ongoing illness and have had the illness within the last 12 months we will not pay out for any insurance claim where you have suffered from the illness within the 12 months prior to making a claim. Also high blood pressure, stress, mental illness back pain, neck pain, joint pain, depression,  pregnancy related illnesses aren’t covered. We now these are the most common reasons why you would want to make a claim that’s why we don’t cover them.”

So, before you write to you bank and ask them for a refund for any of the reasons above, you need another reason for the bank to give you a refund.

“But the guy on the TV with the website said that I just had to ask them for my money back”. Yes, whilst he has helped identify a lot of really major issues in Financial Services and has helped a lot of people save money on energy and insurance and e-mailed you voucher codes for Marks & Spencer’s or Nando’s, he hasn’t told you the full story about PPI.

In my free PPI claim guide I have included a list of rules and regulations that the banks mostly ignored. It is worthwhile having a read at these and see which apply to your individual circumstances. Doing this will give you the best possible chance of being able to successfully reclaim your mis-sold PPI on your own without having to pay a professional.

Don’t ignore these and actually take the time to familiarise yourself with these. It could take you 5 minutes of it could take you 5 months to find the exact ones that apply, but it will be worth it if you win £1,000’s and don’t have to pay me or any other claims management company a fee.

The way I look at it is I could watch a load of YouTube videos and buy a Hayes manual and the right tools to change the brake pads on my car. But I would rather pay for someone who knows what they are doing, that does it every day, to do it properly. You should consider what is the most important to you, taking the time to learn how to win your PPI on your own properly or use a professional.

If you do use our guide and win a refund and compensation – and maybe even a reduction in your existing debts – let us know how you got on and remember to share with everyone you know. If you don’t make a claim before the deadline the bank will keep YOUR money. I cannot stress that enough!!!!! And if you win, do something useful with the money. Some of our own clients have paid off loans, credit cards and mortgages, bought new cars, landscaped their gardens, went on a cruise, paid for cosmetic surgery and topped up their pension funds. Of course some have spent it in 2 weeks on stuff and nonsense.

If you read the guide and still don’t know what to do, call us on 0333 577 1107 or start your claim with us using our online form and of course we will be more than happy to take on your claim. We have been really successful and we love getting money back for our clients. Whatever way you choose to make a claim, just make sure that you START YOUR CLAIM NOW!




As I have already told you, you are not “entitled” to any money back. You need to complain about the PPI, get the bank to admit that it was mis-sold and get them to offer your redress.

Get the addresses from the companies you outlined in Step 1, you can normally get their address on a recent statement or their website. The FCA also have a list on its website. If the company is no longer trading you can ask the Financial Services Compensation Scheme to consider your complaint. I would like to highlight that it can be a bit more difficult to go down this route, and in most cases you will not get a 100% refund plus compensation, but if you win your case you will get the money. Of course, it is much better in your pocket so it is worth the extra effort.

These are the rules that were broken (you may need to copy and paste the links in your address bar):




It is also worth having a read the FOS case studies:

You can also do a web search and you will get 1,000 different suggestions in dozens of forums. Some are actually pretty good, some are very poor, so make sure if you use a free template letter that it is going to workWrite to the banks and others lenders by letter and use your complaint points from STEP 2 in our guide and quote any specific relevant rules or regulations the company did not follow, as well as your recollection of the sale and your own opinion as to why the PPI was mis-sold to you. Just saying “I didn’t want it” or any other of the points I have outlined WILL NOT WORK IN ALMOST 100% COMPLAINTS.


You will also need to complete a Financial Ombudsman Service Payment Protection Insurance Consumer Questionnaire for each account.

You can download one here:


Remember that the bank has to receive and register your complaint about mis-sold PPI before the deadline or you will not be able to make a claim. EVER!


 So between steps 3 & 4 could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The banks might also contact you a number of times if they need to clarify some details or ask you some questions. They will make out that this is to “help understand your complaint”, it is really trying to put words into your mouth so that you trip yourself up and they don’t have to pay you. Also, if they call and you don’t answer they will send you a decision which is along the lines of “We tried to contact you to gather further information, you couldn’t answer the phone because you were at work, at a wedding, doing the school run, in hospital or you didn’t recognise our number and didn’t want to answer it. Because you didn’t answer, even although we probably have all the information we need anyway, we will reject your complaint.”

If the bank make you an offer of compensation which reads like this:

“We will offer you a full refund of all premiums you have ever paid in relation to the policy/account, plus interest, plus refund and fees & additional interest as a result of those fees, plus compensation interest at 8%p.a.” – this is where you can actually get as much as 10 times or more back than what you actually paid if the account was old, then you have won a watch. CONGRATULATIONS! You have been able to reclaim the PPI you paid on that particular policy/account and the bank will pay you anywhere from £1 to £200,000, depending on how much you paid in the first place plus a load of other factors.

If the final letter says “We are giving you some of the commission you paid back” then you are getting fobbed off with a Plevin reward. This can range from a 1% refund up to an absolute maximum refund of 50%. This is where for some types of policies the bank never told you that they were going to get commission for selling you the policy. You actually paid the commission yourself every time you made a PPI payment, whether you knew it or not. I have seen instances where the commission ranges from 74% of your monthly payments up to 100% for certain periods.

Winning some money back via the Plevin route is nice, but remember that it is only a portion of the commission that you paid the bank. A full refund, if you can get it can be anywhere from double to 100 times more than the bank have just offered you. Ask them to consider giving you a full refund or go to the Financial Ombudsman Service and ask them to mediate the complaint. You get the Plevin money either way, but going to the Ombudsman means that you at least have a chance of getting a bit more back.

Just remember that the Ombudsman complaints can take around 2 years and the Banks pay them. Don’t let either of these put you off. One claimant was originally offered £4,000 under Plevin rules and we reckon they should have got over £16,000. But they didn’t want to send an extra couple of letters, fill out a few extra forms (none of which would have taken more than a day or two at the absolute most) and then wait to see if they got an extra £12,000.

If the Bank say “You never had PPI” or “we can’t find you on our systems” have a look for paperwork and jump through any additional hoops they ask you to. This could be the difference between accepting that you don’t exist and getting money back. I have personally dealt with a family, where the husband is blind – and the bank were basically hiding the information. No word of a lie, it took 2 years to get them to admit he did exist and they weren’t hiding the paperwork before we managed to secure a refund for them. Imagine hiding the information from a blind man and telling them that you don’t have it. DISCGUSTING! Unfortunately I cannot name the Bank because we are starting legal proceedings against them, but they know who they are.

If you really don’t have any paperwork and don’t want to go through the hassle then you will have to trust the bank that they don’t have the information. This can sometimes be the case for older accounts and you should think “if I don’t have paperwork from 20 years ago why should the bank?”. However, we have won cases from over 25 years ago without any paperwork.


 If the bank say “you paid PPI but were not giving you it back because you didn’t say the right thing and we have used every loophole and excuse not to pay you” then you have decide what to do next:

  • You can either accept the fact the bank aren’t going to pay you out.
  • You can ask them to look at it again and provide them with some new evidence, do this quickly.
  • you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to mediate the complaint for you. Remember that the FOS is “independent” and IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE. And it also gets paid by the banks. Review their case studies on its website, there could be something really simple that you have missed. Make sure to do this, it could be the difference between you getting £0 and £thousands. and you have to do this within 6 months of the banks final response letter. So do it quick and do not forget.



Deciding whether to complete your PPI Claims yourself or whether to use the professional services of a claims management company can be summarised in a basic equation:


It may seem like simple addition but it can quickly become a multiplication problem before you know it, for example if you have a number of accounts, if you have more than 1 lender, if your accounts are over a number of years, if you don’t have the paperwork or if you really just don’t know where to start.

The big bonus you get by doing a claim yourself is clearly that it can save you money, if you win your case. For example at PPI Claims Scotland we offer a no win no fee service and currently charge 30% (plus VAT, where applicable), others will charge 36% and the highest fee we know of from another claims management company is 49.99%. But, if you don’t know exactly why you were mis-sold PPI, the rules and regulations that applied when you took the policies and the common failings by banks when they sold PPI, you could end up spending much more time and putting in much more effort to get a response from your lender than you think.


You don’t need to use a mechanic to fix your car – you can do it yourself.

You don’t need to go to a barber or hairdresser to cut or style your hair – you can do it yourself.

You don’t need to use a builder to build you a house – you can do it yourself.

There are lots of things you can do yourself to save money as outlined above but you pay a professional to do it for you properly. Complaining to your bank about receiving poor service is one thing, but complaining about a regulated insurance product, such as PPI, is another. The rules and guidelines sometimes change on almost a weekly basis. There is also a deadline – 29 AUGUST 2019 –  so get your claim done either way before you lose your right to make a PPI Claim.

If you want your PPI Claim handled properly by one of our expert professional claims handlers who have decades of financial services and claims handling experience behind them, as well as a proven successful track record of over 99% then simply complete our online form.

We can also arrange for a home visit to start you claim depending on where you live. If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland we can pass your details on to someone who can help you.

If you do use our guide and win a refund and compensation – and maybe even a reduction in your existing debts – let us know how you got on and remember to share with everyone you know. If you don’t make a claim before the deadline the bank will keep YOUR money. I cannot stress that enough!!!!! And if you win, do something useful with the money. Some of our own clients have paid off loans, credit cards and mortgages, bought new cars, landscaped their gardens, went on a cruise, paid for cosmetic surgery and topped up their pension funds. Of course some have spent it in 2 weeks on stuff and nonsense.

If you read the guide and still don’t know what to do, call us on 0333 577 1107 or start your claim with us using our online form and of course we will be more than happy to take on your claim. We have been really successful and we love getting money back for our clients.

Whatever way you choose to make a claim, just make sure that you



Share this with as many people as possible so they don’t miss out.

Everyone in our office loves winning cases for our clients, so if you decide that you do want to use a very successful and passionate team who actually want to win your case, then give us a call on 0333 577 1107 or start your claim using our online form.