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Lloyds Has Increased Its PPI Fund Again

Lloyds Banking Group has recently had to put another £1.4 Billion into its PPI fund to pay redress to its customers it mis-sold PPI to.

Lloyds Banking Group has now put over £13 Billion aside to cover the costs of the PPI mis-selling scandal. To you and I this will seem like an enormous amount of money, but what you may not know is that any losses incurred as a result of PPI have been offset against its tax bill.

Lloyds was recently fined £117 Million in June 2015 as it was found to have rejected 2.3 million PPI cases which it should have upheld and should have paid compensation to its customers. This is common amongst high street banks who believed they could get away with rejecting claims made by customers who don’t know the ins and outs of the PPI process. 

What Does This Actually Mean?

This means that there is now even more redress to be paid out to Lloyds PPI customers. PPI can be very complicated and it can be difficult to get compensation on your own.

Caledonia Claims can help you reclaim what is rightfully yours, with interest. If you’ve read the above and feel that you may have been the victim of a mis-sale, then we can remove the hassle of dealing directly with the people who sold you PPI.

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