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Lloyds TSB PPI Complaint

Lloyds TSB PPI ComplaintIt has recently been reported in the media that Lloyds mis-sold PPI complaints are amongst the highest in the industry. The also have the highest amount of successful PPI claims (96%).

If you have ever had a Loan PPI, Credit Card PPI or Mortgage PPI with Lloyd’s, you could be owed £1,000’s if your reclaim you Lloyds PPI.

Are You A Lloyds TSB Bank Customer?

Recently one of our customers received a payout of over £16,000 for a successful Lloyds Mortgage PPI and Lloyds Loan PPI claim through They now plan to finish their home improvements, use some of the money towards Christmas and are already planning their next summer holiday. You too could be owed £1,000’s if you were sold a Lloyds PPI policy with any mortgage, loan or credit card.

Lloyds TSB Mis-Sold PPI

There are a number of reasons you may have been mis-sold a Lloyds PPI policy, register now to start your claim and we will pursue a no win no fee claim to get you a refund of any mis-sold Lloyds PPI policy you have had. With a 96% successful PPI claim rate, you could have £1,000’s in your bank for your mis-sold Lloyds PPI waiting for you.


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