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Tag Archives: mis-sold ppi

Another £33 Billion To Be Paid Out For PPI

Landmark court ruling shows that customers of UK banks will be due ANOTHER £33 BILLION!
You would think that our Banks would want the PPI scandal over and done with and allow all their customers to reclaim PPI properly and by […]

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Lloyds Has Increased Its PPI Fund Again

Lloyds Banking Group has recently had to put another £1.4 Billion into its PPI fund to pay redress to its customers it mis-sold PPI to.
Lloyds Banking Group has now put over £13 Billion aside to cover the costs of the […]

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Court Ruling Supports Our Claims

We have been claiming that UK’s bank hid and did not disclose secret commission payments they received from insurance companies.
The banks bill to cover the cost of PPI is set to increase massively. When the PPI scandal first came to […]

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Barclaycard Mis-sold PPI

Millions of UK consumers have had a Barclaycard PPI policy which may have been mis-sold. Barclaycard are one of the world’s biggest Credit Card companies and have set aside over £1 billion to compensate customers who they mis-sold their Barclaycard […]

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Lloyds TSB PPI Complaint

It has recently been reported in the media that Lloyds mis-sold PPI complaints are amongst the highest in the industry. The also have the highest amount of successful PPI claims (96%).
If you have ever had a Loan PPI, Credit Card […]

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